Congratulations, mama! For you to be on this page, you are either trying to conceive, are pregnant, or just had your baby. Regardless, you are awesome!

Let me guess, you have all sorts of emotions going through you right now. I get it, I’ve been there too… twice!

If you are hoping to hold the most healthy and happy environment for your growing baby, then it needs to start with you. This is where I come in.

Adopting and understanding new healthy habits that differentiate from preconception to postpartum is important; however, it can get confusing and quite honestly, overwhelming. Don’t worry, it’s not all that daunting once we put together a plan that works best for you and your lifestyle. Together, we can:

  • Discover how your current lifestyle affects your goals, your baby and your family
  • Set and accomplish your health and wellness goals through actionable, weekly game plans that will show you results for your desired lifestyle changes and ensure they stick
  • Prepare you for a happier pregnancy/postpartum, giving you a happier baby and happier family

Here’s How I Can Help

The Pregnancy Power System

Turn your pregnancy into a healthy new beginning with this quick and easy to follow 14-day online program. If you are looking to increase your energy, better your mood, combat the sugary cravings, have less stress, lower your risk of complications, prepare for a healthy labour, delivery and recovery (because YES this depends a lot on how you eat) then this is for you! This program is open to pregnant women at any stage.


1:1 Coaching

Tired of the same results or lack thereof? My one-on-one coaching programs can be tailored for either preconception, pregnancy or postpartum. If you fall into one of these stages, then what are you waiting for? Don’t wait for your health to decline, your stress to increase, or your relationships to suffer. I will personally hold your hand (figuratively speaking of course) to help you reach your goals whether it be to get pregnant or just feel like yourself again. Start your new life now by clicking below.