Ok so this is my very first blog post – like ever. And I’m SUPER excited about it!! I have so much information I want to share that I honestly had the hardest time figuring out what topic I wanted to start with. So I basically decided to just pull from a hat (and by hat I mean my head) and start with something that is super important for overall health — probiotics!

First, let’s start by briefly talking about bacteria.

Bacteria can be found everywhere! Door handles, grocery store buggies, shaking hands, etc. Well, one thing you may not know is that our bodies (specifically intestines) carry more than three pounds of bacteria! The good news is that the majority is not the type that makes you sick – they actually help keep the harmful bacteria at bay. Yay!

So being that we carry so many different species of bacteria, it is super important that we feed our bodies what it needs to stay healthy. Changes in gut health affects our immune system, which therefore makes you more susceptible to colds and disease. This is where probiotics come in.

But like…what in the heck are probiotics?

I get this question a lot. And I can relate, because before studying nutrition, I didn’t know what it was either.  As worded best by livestrong.com, “Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in our bodies and can also be found naturally in certain foods and beverages.” So basically, probiotics boost immunity, help repair your gut and can help treat certain health conditions. So for all these reasons, we need to make sure we keep our gut flora happy and healthy! If you cannot get enough probiotics through the sources of food and beverage, then I suggest taking supplements.

That’s it for now lovelies! Stay healthy!

Sacha xo