I very rarely eat a pasta salad, let alone make one. Don’t get me wrong, pasta is one of my first true loves, but putting it in a salad has just never been one of my go-to’s. Except for today!!

I was really craving something hearty and crunchy and thought why not just go for it and make my very first pasta salad? So here it is. As this is my first time, the recipe is super simple and slim, but it’s delicious and hit the spot. Feel free to substitute what you want and add more veggies (or even meat) if you wish.

Serves 2-4


1 bag (roughly 450g) of Brown Rice Pasta
1 diced red bell pepper
Grape tomatoes
½ diced onion – I used yellow but red would also be good


½ an avocado – you can use a full one for a creamier/heavier dressing
2 tsps apple cider vinegar
2 tbsps extra virgin olive oil
½ tsp garlic powder
½ tsp pure maple syrup
sea salt and pepper to taste
hemp seeds (Optional for garnish)


1. Cook pasta as per instructions
2. Put pasta in salad bowl and refrigerate for approx. 10-15 mins
3. In the meantime, dice pepper and onion. Slice grape tomatoes (as many as you desire) in half lengthwise
4. Add all dressing ingredients to a food processor or blender
5. Remove salad bowl from fridge and add all ingredients
6. Toss and serve
7. Garnish in hemp seeds (good for protein)
8. Enjoy!