Hi loves!

I wanted to share with you the types of exercise that I do when I workout while pregnant. But my first let me say this…

I only enjoy working out when it’s fun. With that said, an ideal workout to me is a routine with a great set of music and dancing. Dancing is one of the many ways I enjoy spending my free time, and I’m sad that I have not been able to enjoy it in my free time like I used to (i.e. pre-kids).

So now I workout at home right in my living room. I choose fun YouTube workout videos, and then call it a day! Although when I was pregnant with Whitney, I often participated in high intensity videos that included a lot of hard work and dedication to make it through to the end. I have not since kept that up because I chose not to continue high intensity while nursing Whitney, but I am slowly starting to pick it up again.

This pregnancy I decided to keep it at low-medium intensity, because for me I feel that is all I need this time around. So for any other mamas that stick to this type of workout strategy, you may be interested in what I’m sharing!

I only do 10-15 minute workouts and they are all focused on pregnant women. I feel great when I’m done! Sometimes I even throw on my own playlist after and do a little dance while I make my next meal. That for me adds a little bit of that extra happiness and feel-good emotion after a workout.

Here are a couple of the videos I do at home:

One last thing I’d like to share are my daily hip stretches. I have been experiencing on and off hip pain/numbness during this trimester and it drives me NUTS! Sometimes it can really affect my walking, sitting and sleeping. With Whitney, I saw a chiropractor for this as well for another injury I had, and she told me that I need to stretch all angles of my hip, NOT just where it hurts. I can tell you this helped me so much and the pain goes away within the next day or so. Granted it comes back eventually with the way the baby is positioned, but it provides so much relief! Thought I’d share for others that experience the same pain:

Hip Flexors (Front)

Inner Groin




Hope my videos and stretching techniques help you as much as they help me!

Sacha xo