Hi loves,

I am so excited to introduce you to my new regular post called “FEATURE FRIDAY”! This feature will include a specially selected Mom – who is either pregnant or in postpartum — from around the world, to discuss her experience on motherhood, health and happiness. I wanted to introduce this because I believe it’s important that you hear from other moms on how they maintain their health and happiness, and not just hear it from me.

With all that said, I am beyond excited to introduce my very first Mom, Shauna Hyler. Shauna is a mom of two, an entrepreneur, and resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Read her questionnaire below!

How far along are you in postpartum?

3.5 months postpartum, second pregnancy.

In a brief summary, tell us your birth story.

This birth story has a twist at the end and you can read the full story here https://www.shaunahyler.com/blog/sex-and-pineapple-a-birth-story

But, for the abridged version, baby girl was two days late! After my first pregnancy ended 5 days early, an extra 7 days felt like a lifetime! I started labor in the middle of the night, my water never broke, I used an app to track my contractions and called the doctor after they were 5 minutes apart for about an hour and then called my mom to come over to watch my oldest. I am a believer in the miracles of the epidural! After getting settled in I got it ASAP and then we waited, (8:15 am) I did need pitocin because the epidural slowed down labor. My doc was set to come break my water at 11:15 am. The nurse checked my progress shortly before the doctor was due to come and felt that I was 100% “complete.” The doctor arrived shortly after and was unable to break my water because the sack was empty! I mean there was a baby in it, but no fluid to “break.” Nevertheless baby was earth side and perfect, in three pushes! No water gush, nothing. But, she did find I had a partial placenta abruption so it was good that my labor started on its own and not much later.

While you were pregnant, were you conscious of the types of foods you were eating for fetal development? 

I’m always sure to get enough calories in for momma and baby, but #treatyoself

How about exercise?

I had spotting scares early on with both pregnancies, it was enough for me to talk myself out of pregnancy exercise, although I would have liked to do it in my first pregnancy. For my second, I don’t think I would have found the time, plus I was completely exhausted.

Did you add or exclude anything particular from your diet? Why or why not?

All the typical “dont’s” while pregnant I eliminated, but beyond that I ate relatively healthy by preparing all meals at home (mostly organic) and making sure I went heavy on fruits and veggies. I did indulge in cravings too.

Did you change anything in your regular routine to have a healthier and happier pregnancy (i.e. exercise, sleep, work hours)?

I shortened my work hours towards the end and took the last week of my pregnancy off. The second time around I listened to my body more and said enough when the time came.

In a brief summary, tell us about your postpartum recovery.

This time I had no choice but to be relatively active from PP day one because I had a two year old to tend to. This is probably the reason I am already back to my pre pregnancy weight, along with breast feeding. Recovery is never “easy” and the only thing you absolutely need is time, there is no short cut. It is a little easier knowing what to expect though.

Are you breastfeeding? Did you have any issues with it (i.e. latch, milk supply)?

Yes to the breast! I have been blessed with good latching children and cooperative boobs! This time I focused a lot on building my supply over my leave which in turn lowered my stress levels when I went back to work! I have not experienced as much of a dip as I did following my first maternity leave.

Have you changed anything in your diet to better accommodate your milk supply?

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Oatmeal is the one thing I swear by! Also, I up my calories majorly to accommodate production. Snacks are always within reach.

How many children do you have? How old are they?

Two! 32 months and 14 weeks, both girls!

Did you find your postpartum recovery harder this time around or easier?

Easier. Expectations and preparation were key! I had everything I needed ready and waiting when I got home from milk bags to pads and numbing spray. If you are prepared for every scenario nothing takes you by surprise (hopefully) and it is way less stressful, especially when you have another one to chase and can’t just Netflix binge all day. Ha!

You can learn more about Shauna and her family by reading her blog at www.shaunahyler.com or by following her on instagram: @shaunahyler