My Struggle with Postpartum Anxiety

Hey mamas, This is a topic that many moms are afraid to talk about, including myself. Mental health is a real struggle, and not only are you struggling with whatever it is that triggers your mental state, but you struggle to talk about it, which can be a really big problem. Being that pre and [...]


Top Pregnancy Supplements

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! But now what? What is it that you need to do during the prenatal stage to ensure you are growing a healthy baby? There are many supplements out there, and only a few that your doctor or midwife may suggest you take. Good nutrition is important, but it becomes critically essential during [...]


In My Pantry

Hey friends! Writing this post makes me feel as if I am inviting each of you into my very own home – virtually and with only one photo LOL! I wanted to share this because I get asked a lot what I buy and eat on a regular basis. If you follow my instagram, you [...]


Feature Friday: Ashlee Tibbetts

Hi loves, My Feature Friday column gets me so excited every time I’m ready to publish because I just love connecting with other moms, let alone from around the world! It is so wonderful that we can all share our experience with one another. You never know what we can learn! With that said. I [...]


Feature Friday: Shauna Hyler

Hi loves, I am so excited to introduce you to my new regular post called “FEATURE FRIDAY”! This feature will include a specially selected Mom – who is either pregnant or in postpartum -- from around the world, to discuss her experience on motherhood, health and happiness. I wanted to introduce this because I believe [...]


Natural Tips to Increase your Milk Supply

Hey mamas! This is a topic that I know a lot of mothers are interested in because while nursing, your #1 priority is to make sure your baby is getting enough milk for growth. There are many reasons to why a nursing mother’s milk supply may drop (or not even come in fully), but that’s not [...]


My Postpartum Experience

Hi loves! It has been officially 16 days since I’ve given birth to my second daughter, Victoria (Tori), so needless to say I am still in my postpartum recovery journey. However, I wanted to share the immediate symptoms and trauma I underwent from within the first few hours after giving birth. It was quite a [...]


My Birth Story – Baby No. 2

Hi lovelies, As you know, I recently gave birth to my second daughter, Victoria (Tori) Heather Welsh, on Monday, February 5th, 2018 at 1:22pm EST. I was 39 weeks plus 1 day in gestation, which is considered term, so she came at a perfect time! My birth story is interesting – it was very random, [...]


Third Trimester Woes

Well, I’ve been in the third trimester for 4 weeks now, and I’m writing this blog to let you know how it’s been going. Hint: it’s been tough! I’m not going to hold back in this post. I want to be truthful about my experience, and let you know how I’ve managed to cope with [...]

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Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

It’s November now, so comforting hot meals is what’s on the menu almost daily! This Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie is a recipe I’ve been making for years. I do love a good white potato version every once in a while, but sweet potatoes are DELICIOUS, and are even better in a shepherd’s pie. I add [...]