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Third Trimester Woes

Well, I’ve been in the third trimester for 4 weeks now, and I’m writing this blog to let you know how it’s been going. Hint: it’s been tough! I’m not going to hold back in this post. I want to be truthful about my experience, and let you know how I’ve managed to cope with [...]

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Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

It’s November now, so comforting hot meals is what’s on the menu almost daily! This Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie is a recipe I’ve been making for years. I do love a good white potato version every once in a while, but sweet potatoes are DELICIOUS, and are even better in a shepherd’s pie. I add [...]


My Pregnancy Workout

Hi loves! I wanted to share with you the types of exercise that I do when I workout while pregnant. But my first let me say this… I only enjoy working out when it’s fun. With that said, an ideal workout to me is a routine with a great set of music and dancing. Dancing [...]

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3 Ingredient Pancakes

My family and I try to have pancakes every Saturday morning and this recipe is the one I make 90% of the time. It’s so simple, delicious and kid-approved! My Aunt actually introduced me to this recipe, and said she makes it for her kids all the time. I was confused at first being that [...]


We’re Having A…

Owen and I had our gender reveal party for baby no. 2 on Saturday, and we are very excited to announce that we are having a…. GIRL!!! Whitney is going to a big sister to a little sister and we are extremely thankful. Although a boy would have been a wonderful new experience, having another [...]


Managing Stress While Pregnant

There are many ups and downs while being pregnant. On the one hand, you have the future of looking forward to meeting for the first time the little human that is growing inside of you; and on the other hand you have all of the hormonal ramifications that comes with growing a human! Pregnant women [...]


Simple Nutritious Pregnancy Green Smoothie

Let me first start by saying how much I love smoothies. They’re delicious, simple to make and so nutritious! I don’t have a smoothie every day, but when I do this recipe is generally my go-to. To be honest, this recipe is suitable for anyone – pregnant or not, male or female. It’s very nutritious [...]


I’m Pregnant With Baby No. 2!

My family and I are so excited to announce that we are expecting our second child in February! We know that Whitney will be a great older sister and we look forward to our family growing. HOW DID WE FIND OUT? Well, this is a funny story. Owen was actually away for work in Calgary [...]


10 Random Facts About Me

Hi lovelies! I figured that it would be good to post a blog with a few fun, random facts (or truth bombs) about me. It’s important to learn about the person you could potentially be working with so here goes!! Side note: To learn my general life’s timeline, check out my “About” page or click [...]


Quickie Creamy Avocado Pasta Salad

I very rarely eat a pasta salad, let alone make one. Don’t get me wrong, pasta is one of my first true loves, but putting it in a salad has just never been one of my go-to’s. Except for today!! I was really craving something hearty and crunchy and thought why not just go for [...]