Hi lovelies!

I figured that it would be good to post a blog with a few fun, random facts (or truth bombs) about me. It’s important to learn about the person you could potentially be working with so here goes!!

Side note: To learn my general life’s timeline, check out my “About” page or click here.

1. I was born and raised in Bermuda for 16 years. In my final years of high school, I basically begged my parents if they could send me away for boarding school because I wanted to experience the world.
2. I love musicals. Like seriously LOVE them. I am constantly busting out songs to my favourites all the livelong day. These days, I am singing Moana (my daughter has a part in getting me hooked on this…sure…).
3. I also LOVE Disney. The classics, the newbies – all of it! Yes, I am a Disney freak and may or may not watch an animated movie or two when I’m having a bad day. Again these days, it’s Moana – yep.
4. My biggest guilty food pleasures are candy (specifically gummies) or pasta – creamy and with all the gluten, just like my self-proclaimed second ancestors make it in Italy. Once in a while I indulge, and I don’t feel guilty about it.
5. I can’t swim. Well, I can but not well. My go to is the doggy paddle. #Actually.
6. My husband and I have been together since we were 16. We met in boarding school during orientation day, and a week later made it official. We’ve never broken up. Good thing I begged my parents to leave Bermuda! Some call it fate; I call it a blessing.
7. I have a very active background. I ran track since I was 5 and “retired” (basically, just stopped) when I was 22. I do miss it every once in a while.
8. One of my favourite things to do with my husband is go to the movies. Now that we are parents this is a very rare occurrence, so when it happens I really cherish it.
9. I am a die hard 90s kid. I’m talking Spice Girls, Uncle Jesse, TGIF and One Saturday Morning type 90s kid. Miss it every day.
10. Sometimes I don’t brush my teeth until noon. My excuse is #parentlife??

Thank you for visiting this post to learn more about me! I hope that we can work together on living a healthier and happier life.

Sacha xo