1:1 coaching:

Hey lovely!

Thanks for clicking through to this page. This coaching opportunity is for serious candidates who are ready for results. Whether it be to finally see that BFP (Big Fat Positive) on that pregnancy test, to carry a healthy full term pregnancy, or to find yourself again after the baby is born. I got you!

Each week, you will be given actionable plans and tasks to complete that will take you closer to your goals. I will personally help hold yourself accountable on completing your tasks, so that you can see those results you’ve been long awaiting for. Our calls will be weekly video calls, where I will walk you through handouts discussing that week’s topic. You will be able to keep these handouts and use them moving forward after our time together is done. Handouts include:

  • 30 Recipes
  • Meal Plans
  • Grocery Shopping Lists and Guide
  • Food Energy Experiment
  • Top Preconcpetion/Pregnancy/Postpartum Foods (dependent on which program you apply for)
  • Top Supplements
  • Movement Menu
  • Emotional Brain Training Techniques and Tools
  • Self Care Practices
  • Stress Management
  • Get Better Sleep
  • And more!

Package options:

6-Week Program

  • Week 1: Foundation (Dietary and Lifestyle assessment)
  • Week 2: Nutrition Part 1
  • Week 3: Nutrition Part 2
  • Week 4: A 4-week customized Fitness Plan (with Kelsey Robinson at One Lean Life)
  • Week 5: Mindset & Self Care
  • Week 6: Ongoing action plans and follow ups

4-Week Program

  • Week 1: Foundation (Dietary and Lifestyle assessment)
  • Week 2: Nutrition
  • Week 3: Mindset, Self Care & Movement
  • Week 4: Ongoing action plans and follow ups

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“I am a full time working woman, a “live-in” fiancée (lol) and a new mother of a busy baby girl and I started to feel like I was running off my feet- trying to juggle work, mom and home life and still factor in some personal time. Sacha helped me set obtainable and realistic goals while making time conscious suggestions for things I could do each day to help me get better sleep, feel more energized during the day and be more focused at work so I can be more present at home. Who would have thought something so simple as drinking a glass of water before my feet hit the floor in the morning or doing a few jumping jacks before jumping in the shower would make so much of a difference to my mornings and my day. I loved the ‘Daily Check In’ worksheet, even though I didn’t do it EVERY day, I always feel better once I was able to complete it. I do miss the weekly check-in that we had over the phone – they really kept me accountable. Sacha offers a stress free, guilt free, comfortable and encouraging environment for change, growth and success which is exactly what I needed.”

– Chalsey Trott | started at 7 months postpartum | Bermuda

“I had the pleasure of working with Sacha when I was pregnant with my son Luke who is now 6 months old. My goals were to maintain a healthy weight gain throughout my pregnancy, to follow through with sleep training my toddler, and to eat a more balanced, nutritious diet. I was able to not only meet these goals, but exceed them. I left every phone call feeling fulfilled and with the confidence to tackle the areas in my life that desperately needed improvement. Sacha is vibrant, motivating, easy to talk to, and really knows how to engage with her clients. She provides a very realistic action plan that can be followed. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a push towards a healthier lifestyle!”

– Rachel Azan | started at 5 months pregnant | Oakville, Ontario, Canada

“Sacha was great to work with. She was understanding and had the perfect amount of push! My husband and I had gone through a miscarriage and a chemical pregnancy. We wanted to get on the right track with health from the inside first. While we were pretty clean eaters, we learned SO much with Sacha. My husband did the recipes with me and took the supplements that Sacha recommended. After working with Sacha for a few weeks, we got a positive pregnancy test and are in our second trimester now! We weren’t getting pregnant after our losses and we were losing hope. Sacha helped get a lot of things in check for us in preparation for our pregnancy. She also helped me find strength in quitting a job I was unhappy with. Just so much gratitude and thankfulness for all that she does!”

– Jessica Mcclelland | preconception | Chicago, Illinois, USA